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COMPETITION CLASS for Honolulu Obedience Trial Students by Amy Ammen (phone/text 414-289-7785 or email ammen@dogclass.com)

“Competition Class” Honolulu ($199)

— dog needs to be:

  • Force broke to retrieve
  • Accustomed to working on a line
  •  If not, let’s arrange a privately lesson beforehand OR work independently with Amy Ammen’s book Dual Ring Dog and Open DVD


Want to train less, qualify more, improve dog’s attitude, earn higher scores? Your dog will become more responsive, confident, and happier. You’ll learn a better approach to communicating your expectations. Learn how to always be clear, and avoid confusing your dog


  1. Training efficiently
  2. Instant response without warm-ups, despite distractions
  3. Improving dog/handler confidence
  4. Best way to increase your dog’s enthusiasm and speed
  5. Proofing formal exercises
  6. Each student chooses two exercises to perform formally each week
  7. Suggestions for carry all your trophies home from the next trials ?

FORMAT (These 3 components are covered in every class)

1. Efficiency — Learn how to polish your dog’s performance with MUCH less effort and time by optimizing use of:
  • daily interactions
  • lines
  • distractions
  • motivational techniques
2. Handling strategies
3. Formal exercises

  • $199
  • Three weeks
  • 90 minutes per week

“Competition Class” Honolulu ($199)