Nova, Great Dane ★★★★★

“Nova went to the lake this past Saturday and she got so many compliments about her walking and listening skills! Definitely bragged about how awesome you are 😀😀😀” ELLEN

Penny, Cockapoo ★★★★★

“Penny got out under the swing gate last night. Thankfully I was standing right there. She ran about six feet towards the street before turning around and running back when I called her. The lessons really paid off. Thanks again Amy!” SHARON

Timmy, Havanese ★★★★★

“The strategies are working perfectly! Timmy walks great on the leash and no barking or lunging at people. He’s great on the platform and listening much better to commands…. I can’t believe how quickly he’s responding. I also will highly recommend you to anyone in need of training next summer. Enjoy your time in Hawaii.” 🌴 MARCIA

Nico, Samoyed/Siberian Husky mix ★★★★★

“THANK YOU so much for this class. We feel so much better equipped to help Nico become the pet we hoped he would be. Your approach works so well. Enjoy Hawaii!” CARRIE

Keegan, Border Collie ★★★★★

“It was a fantastic class yesterday and Keegan did better than we expected. It’s so clear that people with dogs who have “issues” know that you are the only trainer around who will address the behavior, instead of avoiding it.  We all thank you!  We plan on taking as many level of classes with you as we can before you go back to Oahu.” LORI

Macy, Yellow Labrador ★★★★★

“Thank you for all of your direction. We learned so much and truly enjoyed your classes. You made such a difference in us working with Macy.  Enjoy Hawaii! Aloha!” NICOLE

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