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BEST DOG EVER! 2020 Online Course with Amy Ammen

Special WIKI WIKI (Hawaiian word for “quick”) edition!

Got problems with your beloved buddy? Let’s work together!

  • WHAT: Secret Facebook group and live discussions for understanding and helping your canine buddy
  • WHEN: Interactive ZOOM meetings are Monday 5/18, Thursday 5/21 and Monday 5/25, 2020 at 6-6:45pm (CST)/1-1:45pm (HT)
  • COST: FREE for Amiable Alumni
  • JOIN: Enroll with Amy at 414-289-7785 or ammen@dogclass.com

Enrollment is limited. APPLY by noon Saturday, May 16 and UPLOAD first video by noon on Sunday, May 17

LET’S TALK ABOUT: how to stop aggressive tendencies, house soiling, over-barking, not listening, leash walking and SO much more with PRACTICAL, CUSTOMIZED STRATEGIES suited for your dog and your lifestyle.

Been with Amiable a while and have great tips or stories or video? Fantastic — please share! Perhaps you don’t want to contribute but you want to be part of the group? I invite you to join.

Here is a short list of other common concerns; if your dog’s issue isn’t listed don’t worry — I can help!

  • over excitability (at the door, in public, around other animals)
  • phobias (of noise, people, objects)
  • stealing (from counters, garbage, closets, laundry…)
  • destructiveness
  • separation anxiety
  • possessiveness/guarding (food, humans, locations)
  • problems grooming, riding in the car, and being handled



  1. Computer, tablet or smartphone
  2. Facebook account
  3. Apply, upload videos to secret group (by noon Sunday, May 10), and stay engaged for 3 sessions with group
  4. Share your experiences, questions, and successes or just listen and watch


  1. Your name, email, phone
  2. DOG’S name, breed, age
  3. Your frustration and/or goal
  4. Addition details (dog’s history, health, household dynamic — pets, people, schedule/physical/environmental challenges), or …?


This program is free for Amiable Alumni. APPLY(414-2898-7785) and I will send an invitation

TO APPLY: contact me at:

Until we speak, have a dog-gone great day!


You are an Amiable Alumni who wants to join but not upload video – you’re in! But please RSVP — 414-289-7785

You are not an Amiable Alumni but are want to participate? Tell me how I can help you with advice or another Amiable service.