Leo/Ginny ★★★★★

“I just had the best walk with both dogs together, probably ever! Met a squirrel, another dog around a corner unexpectedly, and heard a noisy motorcycle and firework (all of these triggers for one or both dogs) and was able to easily manage all obstacles with a sneakaway or jump ahead. I’m so happy and excited to keep working on this!” KERRY

Oscar, Miniature Australian Shepherd ★★★★★

“Amy, your expertise has been a critical ingredient for the rapid progress we have made with our new family member, Oscar. Your instruction with the tie-out stations and short (chew-proof) cable leash have made Oscar much more comfortable (and relaxed), and given me the ability to help remind him when he’s not. Your guidance 13 years ago got our previous mini Aussies (Sunny & Paradise) off to an amazing start and fantastic life. Now Oscar is on that same incredible path. Thank you for being there!” ROBERT

Finn and Pi, Rescue Pups ★★★★★

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“Bringing 2 rescue pups into our family in the past 5.5 years has been fun and challenging and we’ve truly appreciated Amy Ammen’s straightforward and knowledgeable help. She is energetic, flexible, and available to help with a variety of distinct challenges we’ve faced with our two pups. She takes the time to learn your family’s needs and current practices and advises on tweaks to improve. I highly recommend Amy both in person and virtually for your training needs. ”  SARAH

Finn, Tibetan Terrier ★★★★★

People always ask me, “How do you get your dog(s) to behave so well?”  It’s easy when you invest in training through Amiable Dog Training!  Finn is my 4th dog I’ve trained with Amy, and the results speak for themselves.   As a 12 week puppy, he’s already mastering the basic commands, and is well on his way to being a great lifelong companion.  Thank you Amy!!!”  STEVE

Casper, Border Collie ★★★★★

“Casper is so much more well-mannered. We are going for walks now. When I stop, he sits without my having to speak.  When I say down, he goes down. Amy, you are one of the nicest (and smartest) ladies I have had the pleasure to meet. You care about our treasured dogs. It comes across in everything you do. The best advertising is a happy customer. Me, Casper and my hubby Brad, definitely are!  Thank you, thank you!”  NANCY

Dundee, Blue Heeler Puppy ★★★★★

“Thank you so much – for all your help and advice. It is a game changer 10,000%” LAUREN

Sage & Stormy, German Shepherd Dogs ★★★★★

“Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for everything. We learned a lot from your classes at Bluemound Animal Hospital and really enjoyed going to the classes” PAUL & SUSAN

Betty, Hound Mix ★★★★★

“Thank you for the outstanding classes last evening. You are an absolutely incredible instructor and handler.” MARY

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