Standard Poodle, Ellie ★★★★★

The great thing about Amy’s suggestions, was that after her visit, I used them and THEY WORKED! It’s a SMALL investment for a HUGE pay off! STEVE

Labrador Retriever, Lily ★★★★★

Spike and Whisper ★★★★★

Spike and Whisper have been doing great – I have taken them to the pet store – and all around here – we did some walking by some of the neighbor dogs today – and they did GREAT! Thank you – the training is so worth it! Thanks, and do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do for you – or to use us for a reference! Thanks! TRACY


Crystal ★★★★★

We had only had our two year old Crystal for a week when we started in Beginner Basics. It’s almost like having a new dog. She listens so much better, her focus on me is unbelievable! JAYNE

Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix ★★★★★

My little rescue is starting to lay down on command and will roll over and allow me to pet her….. major progress as she would take off if you tried to touch her when I got her. Another Amiable success story! JULIE

Retriever/Spaniel Mix, Max ★★★★★

I’m so impressed with the classes and how Max is responding because he is such a high energy dog. I am literally shocked and how well he listens in situations I wouldn’t expect him to. JEN

Maltese/Poodle, Tucker ★★★★★

Amy taught me wonderful tools for training my dog, which I will continue with my other dogs.  She’s wonderful! ROBIN

Toby ★★★★★

Amiable Dog Training!!! They are AMAZING. We used their services with my fur baby Toby. Recommend them to anyone who asks! HOLLY

Yorkshire Terrier, Lola ★★★★★

We were very happy with the training!  The goals we set were more than met! MARIA

Australian Cattle Dog Mix ★★★★★

It’s amazing to me how far she has come and continues to surprise me. She walks wonderful on a leash now in just a couple weeks, no longer trying to play tug-of-war. She is getting better each day. Thanks again. MELANIE


Chihuahua, Sasquatch ★★★★★

SasquatchI was holding back tears of joy watching him play nice with all the dogs, running freely across the floor and through doorways, and using sit and down command with ease! JENNIFER

Jack Russell Terrier, Bella ★★★★★

We just finished our tricks class. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot of valuable information. Thanks for offering such a fun class, it was a joy to get out and learn again. Thanks so much! JACKIE

Australian Shepherd, Mocha ★★★★★

Have taken numerous training classes with Amy. We started out in Essential Basics and continued to Mastering Basics and Off Leash Control. The classes are very informative. Her follow up emails provide text and video on what was covered in class that week and what I should practice at home. I have recommended her to my family and friends. While walking my dog people often comment on Mocha’s good behavior. ANGELA

English Springer Spaniel and Boxer ★★★★★

I wanted to say thank you for your techniques and classes. When I enrolled in the Amiable Basic Class with my young springer spaniel I was truly at my wit’s end. It didn’t take long into the training before I started to appreciate and enjoy my dog for the first time! Now both my dogs have solid training and rules to follow every day. They are really excellent dogs because of it! Thank you so much, and good luck with all your millions of other projects! MELISSA

Standard Poodle, Oscar ★★★★★

Wow, Amy is such a knowledgeable dog trainer. She not only teaches you how to train but she also helps you understand how your dog is communicating with you. She is so quick to pick up on little nuances between you and your dog, and help you with them. You can ask her anything and she is there to help. Seriously no dog is too much for her. BONITA

Labrador/Pit Bull Mix, Nash ★★★★★

Amiable Dog Training took my lab/pit mix from frantic devil dog to a dog that is often complimented for being well behaved. Using a tie-out station was the key to getting Nash to relax. DEBORAH

English Springer Spaniel ★★★★★

I (along with my English Springer puppy) attended your basic training group classes that were held in Delafield about 17 years ago. The classes were great, our springer was very receptive to the training techniques and was a wonderful, very loved member of the family until a year ago. SHERRY

Siberian Husky, Skyler ★★★★★

Skyler is coming to accept her 2 hour retreat into the kennel with her peanut butter treat with chew in her kong toy. In fact now she tries to find ways to acquire her toy outside her kennel. CHARLENE


Goldendoodle, Calvin ★★★★★

After the first class, I realized that this was the best move I had ever made. I was not afraid to give my dog commands and to correct him for chewing, biting, barking, jumping, and all of the other items that sometimes discourage new parents. My dog was housebroken within a week and is a total enjoyment to be around. Oh, by the way, Calvin loves going to the classes! Thank you very much! BARB




Belgian Malinois Mix, Jingles ★★★★★

Jingles, my newly adopted rescue dog, exhibited aggressive behaviors towards other dogs which resulted in personal injury and made it impossible to take him for a walk. I seriously considered surrendering him, or worse. My private lesson was held in the local park which allowed Amy to tailor the training methods to the behavior. I followed up with group lessons that not only provided me with essential training techniques but gave me and my dog the confidence we needed to be around other dogs. DEBBIE

Pit Bull Terriers, Jinger, Foxie ★★★★★

Yesterday, Jinger, Foxie and I encountered seven (yes, seven) dogs on our walk. The girls were posturing, but they did not bark. I am so proud of them. I appreciate all you taught me. A 45 minute to an hour walk now takes me about 25 minutes (I have even added more blocks to our walk). Now, I really enjoy walking my dogs. I wish you the very best and hope your business continues to prosper. JEWEL

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