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Author and Dog Behavior Expert, Amy Ammen, is Director of Amiable Dog Training in Milwaukee and Honolulu where she has been helping dog owners polish their diamonds in the “Ruff” since 1982. Over 40,000 dogs have been trained through Amiable Dog Training.

Amy provides personal, customized training and behavior counseling for dogs of all ages, breeds, backgrounds and levels. Her group classes, private lessons and workshops develop real-world skills that are practiced in a variety of settings. She is among the nation’s foremost authorities on training unusual breeds and solving difficult, confounding, and potentially life-threatening problems.

Amy is author of six books, two workbooks and three DVDs. As a TV and radio host, Amy has hosted Dogclass TV and The Everything Pet Show and has served as an expert on-air commentator educating audiences worldwide. Her dogs have won over 50 titles and are High in Trial winners.

For more information contact Amy at: or call/text: 414 289-7785.

Published Author and Media Personality Amy Ammen

Dog Show Competitions with Amy Ammen

Training, Workshops and Speaking with Amy Ammen

Success with Breeds (rarely seen) in the Winner’s Circle

Amy Ammen: The Early Years

In 1975, Amy got her first dog (a Siberian Husky named Tess) whose youthful obstinacy launched her career as a dog trainer. Initial puppy love soon morphed into complete exasperation. Even though Tess seemed untrainable, Amy enrolled her in obedience school.

Tess with Amy, her dad, brother and step-mom.

Who would have guessed Tess would eventually become a terrific companion and one of the few High in Trial UD titled huskies in history? Four years later (at the age of 15) Amy began instructing classes and private training at all levels (and eventually trained dogs while boarding). In 1982, Amy opened Amiable Dog Training.

Huzzi, Am/Can UD and Tess, Am/Can UD


Personal Dogs of Amy Ammen

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