WANT TO EXPERIENCE MORE PLEASURE and confidence and connection to your canine? “7 Risky Habits to Avoid” shows you how to get instant results! For over-achievers, watch the video to learn how to take your training to the next level. Have a ‘dog-gone’ great day!

TIP #1 — Teach your dog to walk nicely on one side by walking briskly and giving him sniffing, play, and potty stops at YOUR discretion. ###

TIP #2 — don’t give your dog so much slack he can hog tie people. Unless you might be able to get a date out of it. No, actually, even then, be conscientious and control your slack. ###

TIP #3 — when walking two dogs, keep both on the same side. You’ll be able to give your full attention to both dogs, correct behavior, and change direction much more easily than if one dog is on your left and the other is on your right. ###

TIP #4 — if your dog entangles you, don’t flip the leash overhead. You risk being seriously injured if your dog darts toward a distraction at the moment. Prevent entanglement in the first place by controlling the slack in the leash and your dog’s movement.###

TIP #5 —  When crossing a street or driveway, shorten the leash. If a vehicle appears suddenly, your dog will be safe.###

TIP #6 —  don’t assume it is okay for your dog to approach another. Be a good owner and keep your dog under control, preferably at your side, as you ask permission for your dog to say “hello.”

TIP #7 — always keep a slight bent in your elbow. Fully extending the arm of your leash holding hand increases the tendency of your dog to walk erratically and limits your ability to regain control.

Teach Your Dog to Walk Politely on Leash Around Distractions

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