DO YOU HAVE ridiculous photos of yourself in the 90s? So do I. Regretfully, quite a few of them are in this book. Despite misguided clothing and coifing choices, the training advice and content isn’t showing its age.

PERSONAL REVIEW from Amy Ammen, Director of Amiable Dog Training

“I LOVE THE TRAINING IN NO TIME STORIES; they’re entertaining, concise, relevant, relatable (painfully so in some cases), and memorable – and SO fun write. Personally, I often implement valuable changes in my life after hearing anecdotes or listening to someone else’s experience. You too? Then pick up Training in No Time, apply what resonates, and make it part of your routine. Your dog will improve, the results will stick, AND you’ll both enjoy the journey.”


 TRAINING IN NO TIME SUPPLIES THE TRAINING REGIMEN TODAY’S BUSY LIFESTYLES DEMAND for both owners and their dogs. It makes good use of how dogs learn and explains how to use that knowledge to establish and maintain the responses every dog owner wants.The Sneakaway is the foundation of this training method. Quite literally, you turn your back and sneak away whenever your dog stops paying attention to you. This method allows for easy teaching and effective problem solving by first focusing your dog’s undivided attention on you, even around the strongest distractions.Then, using daily, subtle clues you give your dog in everyday interactions, you can instill good habits. The surest way to get permanent, positive results is to recognize and change the few big ambiguities that allowed problems to surface and to use daily, natural clues to instill, not destroy, good habits. Behavior is being molded 24 hours a day. This results in consistent, socially acceptable behavior under all circumstances and a well-trained companion dog.”

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