“DUAL RING DOG IS THE FIRST BOOK TO ADDRESS the training needs and distinctions of dogs shown in conformation competition and Obedience Trials together, Dual Ring Dog also introduces Obedience training for retired show dogs.”  Howell Book House, 1992

PROFESSIONALLY AND PERSONALLY, my first title, Dual Ring Dog, was a break-though.

AS YOU CAN SEE from the overview above, the topic hadn’t been addressed before. My co-author, Jackie Fraser, and I approached it with equal passion from entirely divergent directions. Thanks to Jackie, the content is focused, surprizingly enjoyable to read considering it’s a ‘how-to’ manual and really easy to apply.

BY THE TIME I MET JACKIE (back when many exhibitors smoked cigarettes INDOORS right up until they stepped into the ring), Jackie was an established freelance dog writer and eventually authored so many books about pets that I lost count long ago. We became great friends and one day, for no particular reason, I asked how she started writing. I don’t recall the answer but I do remember getting a call back a few hours later with Jackie asking, “Want to write a book together?”

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ABOUT 6 MONTHS LATER, long after either of us remembered submitting a proposal, we received a contract for Dual Ring Dog. The initial excitement mutated into panic. Separated by 300 miles, we used the technology of the day (a telephone, typewriter, and US mail delivery) to keep the project on track. The best perk for me was being able to talk to Jackie for hours, several times a week. Our other relationships didn’t fare as well — we both divorced before the book was released. On a brighter note, my subequent co-authors have remained married.

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THOUGH AUTHORS USED TO GET better treatment from publishers than they do today, fatal errors were committed when this title was published in 1991. The cover is hideous, my name is incorrect in the Library of Congress listing, and the book was mis-categorized — and we were powerless to change any of it. Perhaps the publisher was arrogant, apathetic or both and the book was only in print for a few years. Used copies are still available so grab one if you can.

PHOTOS INCLUDE working sessions with American Staffordshire terriers, Japanese Chin, Aussie, dobermans and more.

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REVIEWS from Amazon

Dual Ring Dog/Successful Training for Both Conformation and Obedience Competition
July 2, 2005 by Dog Breeder – Format: Hardcover

THIS IS AN OLDER BOOK, “pre-clicker”, and so has a more traditional approach. But the methods are not harsh. There are two authors, one a breeder of Am Staffs, who prefers the conformation ring but also does obedience, the other primarily a performance person who also does conformation. They explain early on, that they will each offer their own perspective.

EACH AKC OBEDIENCE EXERCISE, novice through utility is explained, and a method of training it is offered. Then, for each exercise, they provide a couple of lists. One is a list of what is the responsibility of the handler, another is what is the reasonability of the dog, and then a list of common errors is offered, with suggestions on how to deal with this.

THEY ALSO EXPLAIN the minimum you have to do to pass the exercise, if you are just doing something with your conformation dog, and basic titles are your goal, rather than a perfect 200.

IT HAS SOME GOOD IDEAS, and is a good addition to your toolbox.

5.0 OUT OF 5 STARS: Excellent instructional book!
January 3, 2000 by Bobby Ellis – Format: Hardcover

WE FOUND THIS BOOK (although now out of print) TO BE INFORMATIVE, and containing excellent tips on training your dog for competition. The illustrations are excellent, and a real source of entertainment for the reader.

5.0 OUT OF 5 STARS: Great, practical book with methods that WORK!
October 23, 2006 by furkidz – Format: Hardcover

I’VE TRAINED MANY, MANY DOGS using the methods described in this book with great results. The methods are not ‘purely positive’ or ‘clicker training’ but they really work, dogs enjoy learning with these methods, they learn quickly, and the occasional correction is done so the dog thinks he’s correcting himself for an error, and does not see the handler as the source of correction. There are no ‘harsh’ or ‘cruel’ corrections, so don’t get the wrong impression. Best of all, the methods work great even if you don’t have a ‘typical obedience breed’ like a Sheltie or Golden.

EVEN IF YOU NEVER PLAN ON COMPETING in obedience or conformation, this book is well worth reading. It outlines training methods to use to gain attention, animate the dog, improve the dog’s attitude, and make working with your dog fun and enjoyable. There are sections on conformation handling and training, and obedience handling from the very basics up through utility exercises. The obedience sections are divided into what is needed to earn a qualifying score and what is needed to earn class or trial placements, so you can work according to your wants and expectations. Instructions are clearly illustrated and easy to follow. This is one of my favorite training books and one I refer to often. ###

REVIEW from http://www.chowwelfare.com/wccr/showbooks.htm

Dual Ring Dog/Successful Training for Both Conformation and Obedience
Competition by Jacqueline Fraser, Amy Ammen

THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE who’ll tell you your dog can’t excel in both the conformation and obedience rings.  It’s hogwash and these authors prove it.   Both have dual ring champions and Amy Ammen is especially known for her dual ring successes in breeds as diverse as the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Japanese Chin.

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