“HE’S FRIENDLY!” the owner shouted as the dog bolted toward me.

“CALL YOUR DOG!” I pleaded, even though it was apparent the owner was a long way from having that type of control and I was powerless to stop the ambush on my own leashed dogs.

I KNOW THEY ARE JUST DOGS, but how would you feel if a complete stranger ran up and sniffed YOUR butt?  “Oh, don’t worry, he’s friendly,” provides no comfort when your dog is about to be molested, attacked, or eaten!

SIMPLE, SAFE RULES For Dog Walkers (owners or otherwise):

  1. Never take your dog’s leash off unless he listens instantly, especially around distractions
  2. When you see another dog, ASK permission before allowing your dog to greet him

IF YOUR DOG has developed social issues around other dogs due to an attack, ambush, or even just due to a lack of familiarity with dogs, give us a call at (414) 289-7785 so we can arrange a private lesson and establish an effective strategy.

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